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Translation of online stores and websites into Ukrainian

Do you need the Ukrainian language on the website?

We translate the online store into Ukrainian (as well as English, Polish, Italian, and other languages).
We offer a complex of works on the translation of online stores and websites into Ukrainian

technical implementation of internationalization

translation of interfaces and interactive elements

translation of references and reference values

translation of site content into Ukrainian

metadata generation and compliance with SEO requirements

automatic translation of a big data

translation of templates of postal letters and forms

quick implementation regardless of cms

Law of Ukraine No. 2704-VIII

On July 16, 2020, Law No. 2704-VIII "On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language" entered into force. 

In particular, Article 30. "State language in the field of consumer services" introduces requirements for stores and online stores:

  • p.1 "The language of consumer service in Ukraine is the state language."
  • p.2 "Enterprises... natural persons - entrepreneurs,... serving consumers..., provide services and provide information about goods (services), including through online stores and online catalogs, in the national language. Information in the state language may be duplicated in other languages."
  • p.5 "Information about goods and services ... is provided in the state language"
  • item 8. "... the amount of information about goods and services in the state language cannot be less than the mandatory amount of information in accordance with the requirements established by the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights"

From January 16, 2021, the Ukrainian language must be used in the field of consumer service (including in stores and online stores).

The final provisions of the Law of Ukraine No. 2704-VIII provide for administrative liability for violations of the Law (Article 57. The procedure for imposing fines on business entities for violating the law on the use of the state language in the field of consumer services).